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The Navy Chair

We all know the saying “Necessity is the mother of invention.” I find that particularly interesting when applied to furniture pieces that have endured the test of time. I came across the story of the Navy chair, which is really named the Emeco 1006 chair. This aluminum chair is produced by the Electric Machine and […]

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The Parsons Table

Its springtime and on college campuses all over, students are finishing up (hopefully) their semester projects. They can only hope that the result of their endeavors has the life span of the Parsons Table (originally named the T-square table)! This design classic was born out of a 1930’s course taught at the Paris Atelier (now […]

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The Lumen Label

Have you seen the new lighting fact label? You probably will the next time you’re shopping for light bulbs. You’d better know the difference between a watt and a lumen. We’ve got a quick primer for you so you’ll be ready! Watt: a measurement of how much electrical power a device uses. The “old” way […]

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Life Size Spring Flowers

I know I’m feeling a bit spring-starved. Winter has overstayed its welcome in my opinion and I’d love to look outside and see some bright colors…other than bright white! It would seem I could solve my problem by hopping a plane to New York and heading to Park Avenue where artist Will Ryman has an […]

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The Smoke Chair

My husband has never been a fan of distressed furniture. Why pay extra for something that we will do for free ourselves? It’s a safe bet that he wouldn’t embrace this chair… but I have. It’s called the Smoke Chair and it is part of a small series by designer Maarten Baas. The series includes […]

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Date a Color, or Marry It?

Painted accent walls can be a great way to add drama and a pop of color to a space, but it has to make sense. No one should walk into a room with an accent wall and think, “Why did they paint just that wall?”Some people would rather “date” color than be married to it. […]

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