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If Walls Could Talk…

If walls could talk, we might not always want to hear what they say!  Sometimes walls DO talk though, in their own way, and every house has a story. Sparrow and Stoll recently completed a design for an extensive remodel of a kitchen and its adjoining spaces for a house in Edina.  The house was built in the […]

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White Marble Countertops – You Must Be Joking!

We attended a seminar this week on the use and care of white marble in kitchens. It was fascinating, and not only because the presenter looked like Malibu Ken. (It was actually disconcerting to look at him for any length of time, like ones eyes would be scorched by his perfect Ken-likeness. But thankfully the […]

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New Year’s Resolutions

I’m leafing through the latest Pottery Barn catalog, and as always, there are some lovely new items. What I wanted to share with you though are some of the resolutions they have sprinkled throughout, with some additional thoughts of my own. # 1. Get more sleep. An uncluttered bedroom with an invitingly warm and cozy […]

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