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What a Waste!

A contractor friend and I were talking about common “design mistakes” we’re often called on to fix, and he showed me a picture of a bathroom project he’s working on.  Take a look at this picture, it’s not hard to find the flaw in the layout. There is over eight feet of space devoted to the toilet, which by […]

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Where’s My Cat?

Pets personalities can sometimes be unpredictable once construction begins on a remodeling project, but cats can always be counted on to be curious and to stick their furry little faces where they don’t belong. Several years ago, on one of my first projects while working at a remodeling company, construction was underway on a basement finishing project in an Apple Valley […]

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Dark Shadows

  One of my favorite 2013 palettes from Sherwin Williams is called “Midnight Mystery”, and completely reminds me of Dark Shadows, even though I haven’t seen the movie.  The Sherwin Williams description of the palette reads: “…The colors are moody, the vibe is masculine and the aesthetic is both Victorian and futuristic. Visible mechanicals intrigue us, while […]

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A Gallery for Every Home!

Get some of your favorite photos off your computer and out where they can be seen by turning a wall in your home into an art gallery!  Using a range of sizes, shapes, and frame finishes makes a wonderfully creative statement, and you’ll get lots of practice using a hammer and nails.  Following are some […]

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Designing with Texture

I’m looking through the latest Pottery Barn catalog, and am positively giddy with excitement over all the fabulous textures!  Seagrass, jute rugs, wool rugs, crocheted trims on pillowcases, silk drapes, linen drapes, lovely ruched pillowcases and embroidered pillows, tweed and burlap, fluted glass and iron.  Of course, they need all of these textures because the color schemes are so […]

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Stormy Kromer and Interior Design

I’m a big fan of Stormy Kromer, so much so that I subscribe to their newsletter as I like to see all their fabulous hats.  I received the latest newsletter yesterday, New Year’s Day, and I love how the “Kromerism” applies to outerwear, interior design, and anything in between.     Now that the holidays are over and the […]

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