Cool World Expo Pavilion

I don’t know much about world expos—in fact, I didn’t realize there was one in the planning. However next year in Shanghai, China the next expo will be held and it will showcase innovative solutions to common urban problems. That would be interesting enough, but what really caught my eye was the Polish Pavilion. The […]

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Sins of Greenwashing

How “green” is “green”? There is so much confusion, misrepresentation, and half-truths regarding this buzzword, and “greenwashing” is abundant in our culture. Even if you’re not familiar with that term, you’ve probably experienced it: misleading marketing about the environmental benefits of a product. An outrageous example might be “lead paint, the natural choice”. Yes, lead […]

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A Touch of the Unexpected?

In every project, we look for a way to add something with a “touch of the unexpected”. We use this phrase on our business cards and other materials; it’s part of our philosophy. But what do we mean? I read something this morning that sums up the meaning of that phrase. It was an article […]

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