Coat Racks

Like many of you, we entertain larger numbers of people than normal during the holidays. In our house that means multiple episodes of empting the front closet to accommodate guests’ coats. It’s a yearly discussion: do we lug our coats upstairs and hide them in our bedroom to make way for company or to we run up and down with our guests’ coats as they arrive and leave? This got me thinking about coat racks, which led me to Google, which led me to some enterprising coat rack ideas. They wouldn’t necessarily solve our problem, but there is some inspiration-and humor-here. Check them out!

This one from Unica Home folds up for storage!

This should be a relatively easy DIY project. The photo is actually from an advertisement for the fly wall stickers!

This is made from doll parts. I think its kind of creepy; what about you?

My favorite.

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