Dark Shadows


One of my favorite 2013 palettes from Sherwin Williams is called “Midnight Mystery”, and completely reminds me of Dark Shadows, even though I haven’t seen the movie.  The Sherwin Williams description of the palette reads:

“…The colors are moody, the vibe is masculine and the aesthetic is both Victorian and futuristic. Visible mechanicals intrigue us, while theatrical effects, eerie collections and menswear-inspired fabrics like tweed and houndstooth evoke Sherlock Holmes and the Prohibition era of secret doors and speakeasies.”
One can see evidence of “Midnight Mystery” in a lot of places.  Take a look at the following examples from Restoration Hardware‘s current offerings:

Here’s a kitchen remodel that we designed that incorporates that color palette and some of the trend elements, and was just finished in January:
Click HERE to find the complete Midnight Mystery palette.


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