Decorating with Books

I came across a blog today that really captured my attention.  (The link is below.)   It’s a story of decluttering by giving up what you love most.  The goal is of course a simpler, cleaner life.  The theory is good; in fact generally speaking I subscribe to it.  I’m not a collector so I don’t have the need for lots of shelves or display areas and I love the look of an uncluttered horizontal surface.  This blog got me though.  The author, Michelle Slatalla, got rid of her books!  Books aren’t collections – they are friends.  They are decorating accents.  They are stands for small art.  They teach us, inspire us, and make us laugh and cry.  Oh how I felt for Michelle!  The blog sent me searching for photos to prove my point!  It also made me want to unpack the boxes of books in our back room in our basement – I must need to display them/use them somewhere!

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Books with wine!

books and wine

Candlesticks – not candles!

books with candlesticks

Quite Steampunk!

books-clamp books-pipes

Neat use for an old file drawer.



books-risers            books-stairs   Cool staircase ideas

Its never too soon…

books-wagon  kids books in a box



in the kitchen   Red walled built ins



tea cart

urn on books

vase on books

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