Jean Berry, Local Artist

I just met a local artist, Jean Berry, and am so excited about her work!  I’m always in awe of people who can put pigment on a canvas in a meaningful way, but some of her paintings have SO MUCH ENERGY that I am just blown away.

For Jean, painting is a very intuitive process, and she focuses on creating the energy that will uplift and inspire the viewer.  She starts with a color plan, beginning with an almost monochromatic color scheme before layering on the brights to form the figure.  Even the act of layering the colors has meaning, like layers in our own lives.  Every painting is so much more than what we see; I love that.

Energy.  Color.  Connectedness.  Each painting has it all.  And they’re affordable, some under $500 which is fantastic for an original piece of art. 

“I’m In Love” by Jean Berry

This piece is called “I’m In Love”.  Perfect for Valentine’s Day.  It really conveys those early days of being in love when one is over the moon and can’t think straight.  My friend Rebecca was just telling me this evening about falling in love with the man who became her husband.  She was so discombobulated that she threw all of her mail, including the utility bills, into a shopping bag for weeks.

You can see more of Jean’s work by clicking HERE


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