Less Noise!

Last week I wrote about the best home environments for sound using style elements to enhance how sound moves in and through a room.   This week I’m going to continue the noise theme but this time by exploring how products can make a difference.

We all know about acoustic panels; sound experts recommend a 1-inch thick wall panel that is available in a range of fabric styles and colors.  They can be hung on walls around a room and even on the ceiling.  The problem is that they look like acoustic panels!  Enter a company called Acoustical Solutions.  They have a product offering called AcoustiArt Panels that let you choose your image.  You can create what looks like a gallery wall and functions as a sound absorbing treatment area!


Acoustical Solutions Art Panels


If you have the option of changing the flooring, cork is a great sound absorber.  Many of the corks have a hardwood look to them so they can be installed in both contemporary and traditional rooms.


Cork Floor Bedroom


The newest draperies to address this concern come from EMPA (a lab in Switzerland) with the help of Swiss textile designer Annette Douglas.  These sheers have a gauzy look and like all sheers allow some natural light to come in but they are made with modified polyester designed to absorb sound.  I love these!


Vescom Curtains Acoustics


A few last architectural notes:  caulking windows can keep out a lot of noise (and cold), solid wood core doors are the best interior doors for dampening sound while pocket doors create a wall cavity that can’t be insulated and therefore are not the best choices for creating a quiet room.


pocket door

Here’s to our peace and quiet!


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