Looking for a new color?

Here is the fourth and final 2011 color trend from Sherwin-Williams: fresh, airy, innocent… Gentle Medley

This might not be my favorite color palette for a kitchen, but it looks great, and I absolutely love the mis-matched stools in the photo. A great idea for a casual farmhouse look, and more importantly for people of differing statures!

“Hard times call for soft colors: the hint of green in a spring leaf bud; the chalky blush of a seashell; the time-etched beauty of a vintage fabric or photograph. Fashion has turned a romantic, nostalgic corner, bringing pastels and parchment-pale neutrals back into the palette. The hues are innocent without being sweet — flirty, yet not feminine. They reflect not just a yearning for youthful innocence and gentler times, but also a refreshing honesty and lack of pretension that are thoroughly modern.”

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