New Countertop Options

We all know there are a plethora (I love that word!) of countertop materials out there.  Granite, quartz, butcher-block, laminate, glass and recycled glass, concrete and even recycled papers have become materials we’re used to hearing about.  But I came across three more than seem intuitively obvious but were new to me.

First up, bamboo.  It makes a great flooring option.  It’s beautiful, durable, eco-friendly and looks like wood.  Now it’s being used as a kitchen countertop for all those same reasons.  The rareness of bamboo as a countertop does mean a long lead time for delivery and fabrication but it would certainly be a focal point in any kitchen.


I’ve been attending a book club at Canon River Winery and we just read the book The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemingway.  I mention this because Hemingway mentions zinc countertops, especially in Paris bars, a lot.  They are softer than stainless steel and require custom fabrication, but you can sand out scratches (unlike stainless) and they patina beautifully.  What a conversation piece!


Finally there is recycled aluminum.  These tops use 50-60% recycled material and are comfortable in a contemporary setting.  Nothing like a kitchen counter made out of beer cans!


I wonder what will come up next!

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