Now We Are Here in Xanadu

Who remembers the Xanadu house in Wisconsin Dells?

I went there on a family vacation, I’m sure it was in the early 1980’s, and I will never forget that house.  I thought it was the most amazing place ever and I wanted so badly for my family to move to Wisconsin Dells so I could live in Xanadu and sleep in the big bowl bed.  Of course I was perhaps twelve or thirteen years old at the time and my other big fantasy then was to get locked in a furniture store overnight so I could sit in every chair.  (Why am I admitting this?  At least we all know I’m in the right career.)
The Xanadu homes were built in the early 1980’s to showcase computer technology in the home, and of course became obsolete rather quickly.  I believe they were made out of rigid foam insulation built over a balloon-type frame.  The Wisconsin Dells model was torn down in the 1990’s but will live on forever in my heart and mind. 


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