Oooh, velvet!

I got an email today from Kravet, a fabric company…  usually I dismiss the emails without really looking but the picture of the sofa was too captivating! It’s velvet, and who can resist a velvet sofa?

qr-12342_chocolate_1 (1)Well I’ll tell you who can resist a velvet sofa… a pet owner. But let’s pretend that the pet doesn’t jump up on the velvet sofa, that it’s not a cat, it’s well trained dog that doesn’t shed. Or maybe the pet is a fish, or a pygmy goat that lives outside.

It got me thinking about the history of velvet. Often associated with nobility or religious garments, it’s possible that velvet has been in use since 2000 BC! Velvet can be made of various fibers; traditionally they were made of silk, linen or cotton. Opulent, sensuous, rich in color…  that’s what velvet is.

Here are a few more modern-day takes on this luxurious fabric:

RH drapes

Restoration Hardware drapes

Tuxedo jacket Burberry

Burberry tuxedo jacket

World Market bench

World Market bench

Roberto Cavalli shoes

Roberto Cavalli shoes

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