Original Art for All!

We are big advocates of accessorizing spaces with art pieces which have meaning for the people who live there.  When we are helping a client finish a space with art and accessories, we always start by asking about the things throughout the home that are special to them.  Many times people will hesitatingly say something like… “Well, I have this one thing that my kid made that I thought was neat”, or “Well, I have this one vase in the closet that I don’t know what to do with”.  Those are exactly the things we’re looking for!  Those pieces which have meaning but may not have come from an art gallery.

Robin's Flowers

Robin’s Flowers

I was at a friends house a few weeks ago, and she showed me a piece that she had recently painted.  I knew that she had talents in the crafting realm, like knitting, but I’m pretty sure we’ve never talked about painting.  She had gone to one of those events which pairs DOING painting with drinking wine, rather than LOOKING at paintings while drinking wine.  Maybe the wine helps loosen people up a bit so they don’t focus on the idea that they “can’t paint”.  Everyone can paint!  Of course not everyone will paint photo-realistic pieces or become the next Thomas Kinkade.  But art is meant to evoke an emotional response, and I’m pretty sure that when Robin looks at the floral piece that she painted there is an emotional response.

There are several businesses in the Twin Cities which pair wine with art creation.  One which I just heard about is called Art and Elixir, and another is Wine & Canvas.  I haven’t done any of these events, but I can’t wait to try one and make my own original art!

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