Picture This…

This is a post about hanging pictures.  We may have written about this before, but it bears repeating!  Many people make the common error of hanging their artwork too high.  And not just the artwork…  clocks, wall sculptures, all the other things that people hang on their walls.

Yikes!  This picture is way too high.

Yikes! This picture is way too high.

Here is a design tip to remember:  gallery height is 57″ from the floor to the center of the piece, as this is the height that most people will find comfortable for viewing.  (“Gallery height” is what galleries and museums use to hang their artwork.)  No more craning your neck to see that photo of grandma at the beach or your favorite treasure from the art fair!

Gallery height is 57" from floor to center of piece.

Gallery height is 57″ from floor to center of piece.


If you’re hanging a group of things, you would center the grouping at 57″ from the floor.

Just right!

Just right!

Yes, this takes a bit of measuring but it is well worth it once you see the difference.

Have fun and enjoy!



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