Bryn Mawr Kitchen

We love to save elements original to older homes and the cabinets in this Minneapolis home were no exception.  However, cabinetry that had been added by a previous owner didn't match and made the kitchen feel unsettled.  Our cabinetmaker was attentive to the details and willing to take multiple steps to match the aged wood and now we can't tell new from old.  It is easy to pick out the new appliances, bold countertop and backsplash though.  The rubber floor with a slightly raised texture is the dog's favorite surface in the house and is easy to stand on, easy to clean and very quiet.  The room was completed with the addition of a peninsula with added storage and room for two to sit and enjoy.

Services Provided

  • Kitchen Design
  • Construction Planning
  • Interior Design
  • Lighting Plan
  • Furniture Selection


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