Scents of the Season

I’m looking forward to this Thursday – all the yummy smells that broadcast the start of the yummy smell season!  I dug a little into why that is such a comforting thought; and why we are investing money in aromatherapy technology in our homes.  Interesting stuff:

Lavender and orange citrus scents have both been proven to cause relaxation, enhance sleep quality, increase positive moods and reduce tension in tough situations.  However, this is because of the emotional association we may have with these scents.  Therefore, if you don’t like the smell of oranges, their odor won’t relax you.  And if you’ve never smelled lavender before, its scent won’t affect you.  However, the smell of a macaroni and cheese dinner may calm you right down!

Researchers have found a strong connection between smell, emotions and very early (before age 5) life experiences.  This is especially true for odors we don’t smell everyday like a campfire or Christmas cookies.


Don’t overdue your favorite scent however.  IF you are exposed to it to frequently, you will adapt to the aroma and not be able to smell it at all.  And if you can’t smell it, it can’t help you!

Happy Thanksgiving


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