Back in the early 1990’s, I stenciled basketballs, baseballs and footballs around my young son’s bedroom. It was cute, kind of country-homey and survived until his pre-teen years. I have pretty much dismissed stencils since then. Now they are popping back up but not in the cozy country way of last century. The new stencils are large scale and often sophisticated. I’ve seen tone on tone formal patterns, large scale flowers scattered on a wall, a modern interpretation of a fleur de lis climbing up a wall in a single panel. And of course these large stencils look great on a porch floor or as a medallion for a chandelier. It was probably inevitable with the current popularity of wallpaper that this low cost alternative would also make a comeback but it is fun to see, fun to do and easier to undo than wallpaper! Happy painting!




Rabat-stencil-living-room with sloped ceiling


tone on tone bath


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