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New Countertop Options

We all know there are a plethora (I love that word!) of countertop materials out there.  Granite, quartz, butcher-block, laminate, glass and recycled glass, concrete and even recycled papers have become materials we’re used to hearing about.  But I came across three more than seem intuitively obvious but were new to me. First up, bamboo.  […]

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Hardware with a Purpose

We think of cabinet hardware as the “jewelry” of the kitchen or bath.  I just ran across this relatively new line from Notting Hill; it’s beautiful and it serves more of a purpose than opening doors and drawers. From Notting Hill:HOPE BLOSSOM knobs and pulls are elegantly designed and hand-cast of solid fine pewter and […]

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What a Waste!

A contractor friend and I were talking about common “design mistakes” we’re often called on to fix, and he showed me a picture of a bathroom project he’s working on.  Take a look at this picture, it’s not hard to find the flaw in the layout. There is over eight feet of space devoted to the toilet, which by […]

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Copper Considerations

Ever thought about having a copper sink? They are beautiful, timeless, and versatile in their styling. The use of copper predates historical records by millions of years! And did you know that copper is antimicrobial? If you’re considering a copper sink, keep the following in mind: Look for a copper sink that is certified to […]

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