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Architectural Problem Solving

Most of us add on to our homes when we need more space and don’t want to move.  And of course most of us are on a budget.  It’s a designer’s job to help identify how much additional space is needed and how to lay it out most economically, staying within a client’s budget and […]

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What a Little Trimwork Can Do!

We recently completed a project in St. Paul…  we would call it a “face-lift”.  It was a master bedroom update in a big, old, grand house on Summit Avenue.  The master bedroom surely had been updated several times in its 100-year plus history, but not lately.  The room had a large bay with a window […]

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A Truly Hidden Pantry

I was talking with a new acquaintance last week, and he told me the most wonderful story.  Well, as a kitchen designer, I think it’s a most wonderful story.  You just might too, especially if you’re short on pantry space.  I know very few people – unless of course they are a past kitchen design client […]

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Front Doors

  We’ve been thinking about front doors lately-one of our clients has a uncovered entry  with a south facing exposure, a painted door and a storm door that is left on all year (as opposed to swapping out the glass panel for a screen panel).  In our tough climate, storm doors are very popular for […]

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Where’s My Cat?

Pets personalities can sometimes be unpredictable once construction begins on a remodeling project, but cats can always be counted on to be curious and to stick their furry little faces where they don’t belong. Several years ago, on one of my first projects while working at a remodeling company, construction was underway on a basement finishing project in an Apple Valley […]

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