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Mardi Gras and Football

We love to blog about color and it’s uses and we recently came across a color article appropriate to football season. And best of all it talks about my home town, New Orleans! Many of you I’m sure are aware of Mardi Gras’ color palette of purple (symbolizing justice), green (symbolizing faith) and gold ( […]

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En Plein Air

I love how calling a technique by its French name sounds so sophisticated! En plein air painting means, literally, “in the open air” and refers to the act of painting outdoors. Of course artists have long enjoyed painting outside, but in the mid-nineteenth century working in natural light became a focus for Impressionistic painters. In […]

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Bay View Victorian Cottages

It’s a lucky side effect of being in the design business that leads me to seek out interesting neighborhoods when on vacation. And boy did I find a great one in Petoskey, Michigan while at my cousin’s wedding. Petoskey is a charming resort town on Little Traverse Bay of Lake Michigan. There is an area […]

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The First White House Redecorating Adventure

We all know that one of the first things we want to do when we move into a new home is make it our own. Dolley Madison was no exception. When she and her husband, James Madison, moved into the White House in 1809 the house was 9 years old and had rooms with no […]

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A Colorful History

Culture has conditioned us to consider pink as a feminine color and blue as a masculine color. From the day we are born, this conditioning begins at the hospital, with baby girls dressed in pink and baby boys in blue. But historically speaking, this has not always been the case. Regarded as a watered-down red, […]

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