The Navy Chair

We all know the saying “Necessity is the mother of invention.” I find that particularly interesting when applied to furniture pieces that have endured the test of time. I came across the story of the Navy chair, which is really named the Emeco 1006 chair. This aluminum chair is produced by the Electric Machine and Equipment Company (Emeco). It was originally commissioned in the 1940s by the Navy to use on warships in WWII. The contract actually specified that the chair ”had to be able to withstand torpedo blasts to the side of a destroyer.” Sounds like a good kitchen chair for a young family to me! Now the chairs are made of 80% recycled aluminum and designed to last 150 years! Check out their website at You’ll find the 111 Navy Chair—a chair made from the plastic of 111 plastic bottles, the result of collaboration with Coca Cola to increase plastic bottle recycling! Timeless design, durability, recycling and a Coke…sounds good to me!

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