Weird and Wonderful Faucets

There are some incredibly cool faucets out there!  I hope the following photos tweak your interest and prove that faucets are more than just utilitarian.

The most interesting use of technology goes to those that use LED lights.  I only have a few shown below but there is a plethora of them out there, many of which change color to indicate water temperature.   That could be helpful, but washing your hands with red water could also be spooky!


The most technological of all:  The iHouse SmartFaucet is a faucet with a built in touchscreen and a face recognition camera, and you can check your email or calendar on the built in screen.


Creatures are fun:

Practicality with a twist:



How have we lived without needing a cup?


Fabulous Shapes


This is a bathtub filler!



It figures that the designer of this faucet used to work for Mercedes Benz!


And finally, bring on the bling!

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