Weird, Wacky, Beautiful Sinks

Several years ago we were enamored with Elkay’s Mystic River Sink.  It’s beautiful, useful (for cooling drinks and entertaining party goers) and fun to watch as the water runs downhill to the drain.  But its been a while since we checked out what other fun sinks are out there and wait ‘til you see what we’ve been missing!


For the sheer beauty:

OmVivo’s Motif basin is created from a combination of solid surface and glass and is available in three etched patterns Forest, Kaleidoscope and Pebble.


The Water Stone Faucet by Omer Sagivl

This polished wooden marble beauty is affordable; it’s at Home Depot!

The Kohler Marrakesh Sink

Because it’s unusual:

Wood seems like a pretty unusual material (until you think about boats!)

Abisko Washbasin from Eumar


Designed by Antonio Lupi and lit by LED lighting

The Cup sink by Meneghello Paolelli Associati has a matching pedestal (keep reading…)

Take me to the lake:

The Lake Sink reminds me of a canoe.

So does this Ambinetazione Zen by Sashimi.


And the Wildwood sink with the clear glass base is reminiscent of really clear lakes!

Tub and Sink together:

Basin/Tub Combo by Desnahemisfera

These combinations are by Ustogether.

Two more Zen ideas:

The Lotus Vanity by sonoBATH is one of my favorites. The raised corner hides the drain.

The River Sink, also by sonoBATH, has a meditative quote from the novel Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse.


A few cool pedestals:

The Kalla by Mastella Design

The Loft Sink by Botinger & Roi

The Rendezvous Sink by Cenk Kara

And as promised, the Cup by Meneghello Paolelli Associati. A cup handle as towel holder – awesome!

And finally, to encourage conservation:

The “Profile™ 5 with Integrated Hand Basin by Caroma is a bit out there but here’s the deal: after using the WC you wash your hands with fresh water which drains to the tank and then the next flush uses that grey water.

The Roca Hand Basin is the same idea but more refined.

I’m curious now to see what kind of faucets I can find!  Stay tuned!


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