What a Little Trimwork Can Do!

We recently completed a project in St. Paul…  we would call it a “face-lift”.  It was a master bedroom update in a big, old, grand house on Summit Avenue.  The master bedroom surely had been updated several times in its 100-year plus history, but not lately.  The room had a large bay with a window seat which collected all manner of things, especially books, and a non-standard sized bed for which finding a headboard had become impossible.  The carpet was stretching out of shape and the colors were no longer fresh.  After our initial look at the room, it was decided that beyond carpet, paint and bedding, this room needed some trim!


BEFORE. The window seat was cluttered and the bed undefined.


AFTER. Removing the window seat creates a more comfortable reading space and high wainscoting behind the bed provides a backdrop.

The addition of new trim started with the bay window area after the removal of the window seat.  The simple yet elegant panel-style trim extended around the room and was raised behind the bed to create a “headboard”.  New carpet, fresh paint, updated window treatments and bedding has turned this blah bedroom into the owners’ retreat.







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