What’s Your Scheme?

There are several types of color schemes:  complementary, monochromatic, split complementary, achromatic, analogous…  definitions that you probably don’t think about when thinking about designing a space.  But we do.

Following are definitions of common color schemes and some examples that we found on the internet.

Monochromatic:  Using any shade, tint, or tone of one color.
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< Monochromatic Analogous: Using any shades, tints, or tones of colors that are at 90 degree angles on the color wheel.


Achromatic: A colorless scheme using blacks, whites, and grays. I think this is a beautifully done space!


Complementary:  Combining a shade, tint, or tone of one color with that of the opposite hue on the color wheel.

< Complementary


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